Neuer Mitarbeiter gesucht

TK Hockey Equipment steht seit 1985 für Qualität und Knowhow in der Sportart Hockey und eine der führenden Hockeymarken weltweit. Die TK-Zentrale in Mannheim ist das Herz des Unternehmens. Von hier aus werden die Fäden

The Stick Selector – what’s behind it?

TK’s new Stick Selector is great entertainment, but how reliable is the outcome? Good question! Can this tool replace a conversation with an expert or a dealer? The answer is YES, our Stick Selector can

TK World Cup specials

At the World Cup in The Hague, there’s some very special merchandise available at TK. Designer t-shirts and hoodies that can even be customised with additional printing, World Cup balls with special designs, friendship bracelet bands for each participating country, colourful hats, World Cup souvenir sticks and TK blank

A heart for your Team

One Euro for SOS children's village: Cheer with the TK heart for your country at the World Cup 2014 in The Hague and you get the chance to win a one week trip with TK

New Players Profiles online

Read about the 21 years old Anissa Korth who has succeeded in making the leap into the German squad for the World Cup in The Hague and get to know the Dutch midfielder Jacky Schoenaker,

TK Technology

Find out about TK stick profiles, materials and special features. We give you an insight into our product technologies on our webpage! You find a new page in the 2014 menu: Technology Or do you

“It’s going to be a very special WC!” Lidewij Welten

Lidewij Welten Position: striker DOB: 16 July 1990 Club side: HC Den Bosch National: Dutch Women's side 7x Dutch Club Champion 2x Olympic Gold 1x World Cup Silver 2x European Champion Stick: TK Platinum 2

Happy Easter!

Rassie Pieterse discloses a secret of TK

An interview with the keeper about work and sport. 50 days to go till the World Cup in The Hague. A new TK collection is out now. Rassie Pieterse, goalkeeper for South Africa and one

Drive, Discipline and Teamwork

Just in time for his birthday today this is the story about Massey graduate and elite athlete Richard Petherick, defender of the Black Sticks NZ hockey team.He travelled half the globe competing at the highest

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Perfectly imperfect

Today we planned to show you the new TK Media webpage and also the new Facebook apps or tabs, however you prefer to say it. But there are still a few small changes ahead of

How to become a hockey star?

This is not an easy question to answer and there is no single recipe for success. And yet, our top players agree in some points: Hard work, fun of the game and passion are a

Fieldhockeygame on your tablet and iPhone

We are the proud sponsors of the Field Hockey Game™. It is the 1st Field Hockey Game™ App! It’s not "another ice hockey game". It’s not "FIFA like" but it is a lot of fun

Hero Hockey India League – David Harte stepped to another world

David Harte, TK-Goalkeeper of Ireland: “The Hero Hockey India League has come to an end for me and what an adventure it was! 6 different cities, many friends and memories made, all what I had

Fanny Rinne for TK

We recently introduced the Managing Director Thomas Kille to you.But who else works behind the scenes for TK? A name that you have already heard in another context, is Fanny Rinne. She is a former German player, multiple times nominated for

Stick moulds by TK

Through rigorous testing, TK has developed four different stick moulds that meet head-on each players specific game play requirements.Here you can see the differences between them and details are described. The graph shows the bows

New technologies for goalkeepers

TK has divided its new collection into three classes of which the upper two Synergy and Platinum incorporate ultra-modern impact dispersion materials in their Goalkeeping equipment that is a first for Hockey. The Synergy Series has a

TK – the initials

In Germany, his native country, most people know that Thomas Kille is the founder of TK Hockey and even a former hockey player himself with 60 international Caps for the German Junior Team. But for

TK’s Elephants

The elephant often represents a symbol of size, strength, power and long life expectancy. Advertising also depicts this exotic and majestic animal as serene, intelligent and resilient. TK Hockey is the original company to adopt


Our trip to Africa was not like any ordinary trip to another continent. It led us to the residents of an incredible village deep in the outback of Kenya, where the people greeted us with warmth and

Cherry on the cake

The most advanced TK Stick model from the new collection, the Platinum P1 (and P1 Plus Deluxe) has a revolutionary core that is a first for hockey. Instead of having the usual hollow core with


"Introducing the first of TK's short films, documenting the adventure of traveling across continents; TK WARRIOR"  

Time For A Change

A lot of work has gone into it. It’s been slaved over, honed, thrown out, given a chance, tested, nurtured, produced and used up a lot of elbow grease! We’ve reviewed and edited, weak points

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