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Our global operations are run from our TK Head Quarters in Mannheim, Germany. We are a team built of current and former hockey players,sports-mad lateral thinkers,young creators and determined personalities. We have known each other for a long time, like a family we’ve shared many different activities together and are motivated to break new ground. TK HQ is the heart of the company. All steps are initiated from here beginning with the research and development, design, through to the manufacture and shipping. Our mission is to leave our mark in hockey, by working to create the best equipment possible for our customers and give them the advantage they need, on and off the field.


TK Hockey Equipment GmbH
45-49 68163 Mannheim
Tel: +49 621 84230-0
Fax: +49 621 84230-20

Thomas Kille
Managing Director
Stefan Selig
Ingrid Werner
Axel Schröder
Martin Wieland
Ingo Krüger
Nicole Rieß
Michael Betz
Esther Hohl