As of July 1, 2019, TK Hockey Equipment GmbH will be fully taken over by Pirmin Blaak and Rob Veenbergen. The German company has offices in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and since its inception in 1985 has developed into a leading global player in the hockey market. Founder Thomas Kille remains involved with the company with a focus on product development. The current owner has every confidence in the drive and knowledge of Blaak and Veenbergen to take over the running of his business.



Pirmin Blaak will become the face of TK as the brands Ambassador. The current goalkeeper of the Dutch team and HC Oranje-Rood has been using TK equipment for many years and sees this as a strong step alongside his sporting career. Blaak: “Whilst my main focus is of course on the pitch leading up to the Olympic Games in 2020 and the World Cup in 2022, it is important to think about taking steps alongside my career as a professional athlete. To have the opportunity to become a co-owner of the brand that I have been playing with for so many years of confidence and pleasure is a unique opportunity for me.” Blaak’s partner Rob Veenbergen is CEO of TK Hockey Equipment from 1 July. With a new management at the head of the organisation, TK is now in a stronger place than ever to develop further as a leading hockey brand.




As a former German junior international, Thomas Kille founded the company TK in 1985. TK is ready for an exciting new phase as it continues to push its core principles of performance, innovation and design. In recent years, the company has grown into an interactive, international organisation that works with leading players to bring products to the market. TK is one of the largest brands across the hockey world with representation in many countries across the globe. The offices in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will continue to operate and will be managed by Veenbergen from 1 July and will be jointly recognisable as Team TK.


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