TK Store Mannheim, Germany

TK Sports ist neuer Ausstatter des Rüsselsheimer RK

TK Sports ist neuer Partner und Bekleidungsausstatter des Rüsselsheimer RK
Am 02.09.2021 unterzeichneten Axel Schröder Geschäftsführer der TK Sports GmbH und die Vorstandsmitglieder des RRK, Paul Anagnostou (links auf dem Foto) und Jürgen Kaul (rechte Seite) den neuen Ausstattungsvertrag….


The newly founded league association Hockeyliga e.V. will take over the management of the games at national league level with the start of the field season 2021/2022 and will present an additional national top field hockey event for its premiere:

New colours for skirt Paulista

we have adapted the colour to our current jerseys

TK survey and competition

Take part and design your new TK bag with us!
What do you want? You can win great surprises!


The latest stick product from TK Sports is the "BLACK ELEPHANTS LTD STICK".This high-end product was specially developed...

TK Goalie articles are now also available in custom made versions.

Whether numbers, names, initials, flags or coats of arms - we can implement many wishes. If we have aroused your interest,...


An absolute highlight for the start of the European Championship, the new stick by Constantin Staib.

OPRO mouthguards exclusively at TK Sports now!

From now on you can order OPRO mouthguards from us! TK Sports is exclusive partner for field hockey!

TK Sports neuer Ausrüster der Potsdamer Sport-Union 04 e.V.

Die PSU geht mit BHP Hockeydirekt und TK Sports in die Zukunft. Wir freuen uns über den Einsatz von BHP Hockeydirekt.

Press release ÖHV X TK Sports:

The Austrian Hockey Association (ÖHV) and the German Fieldhockey Equipment manufacturer TK concluded an agreement. The Mannheim-based label will equip all national teams from 1 January 2021 on and has already...


Our BRAND-NEW Collection for 2021 sees us take inspiration from the past but is very much designed with the present and future in mind. It shows off a new philosophy and a new way of thinking. Every member of the TK Team has given their input and...


TK Sports GmbH has been completely repositioning itself since July 1st, 2020. An elementary part of our realignment is to offer clubs individual, complete solutions. As a strong supplier...

Best Goalie is in Town - David Harte

TK Sports holt einen der besten Hockey-Goalie in die Quadratestadt. David Harte kommt nach Mannheim. Im Zuge einer PR-Kampagne haben wir...


Eine neue Zeitrechnung hat beim Hockeyspezialisten TK in Mannheim begonnen. Und damit ist nur zum Teil der Umzug gemeint, den die Firma zu Beginn des Jahres vorgenommen hatte. Man ist in neue Räumlichkeiten ...

Press Release: Passing the Baton at TK Hockey.

Starting out on the next leg of an extremely successful brand journey, Axel Schröder is continuing his extensive career with TK Hockey in the new role of Managing Director of the newly founded TK Sports GmbH as of July 1, 2020, and is now responsible for the worldwide business activities of the previous TK Hockey Equipment GmbH. Founder and owner Thomas Kille had been searching...

The TK Hockey Store in Mannheim

The TK Hockey Store in Mannheim - where hockey hearts beat faster.
Even if the shopping experience is not quite as relaxed as before the Corona crisis, a visit to our store is always worthwhile. In our compact image video (taken at the beginning of March) you will get ...

New TK mascot wanted!

Dear Hockey friends,

A few weeks ago, we launched a small contest on social media. We are looking for a suitable TK mascot that we want to use in future campaigns. We received a lot of great ideas and suggestions - thank you so much for this. Among all ideas received we...

Schlägerkollektion 2020 Neuheiten

Das vergangene Jahr hat es gezeigt „THE ELEPHANTS ARE BACK“!
Unsere Schlägerkollektion 2019 ist auf dem internationalen Markt sehr gut angenommen worden. Für 2020 haben wir ein paar ...

The new TK fleece jacket

Our new TK fleece jacket "LEON" available now. Made from 100% brushed polyester, this extremely comfortable jacket has...

Shooting Sonja Zimmermann by D.Dirk Markgraf

Shooting with national players Sonja Zimmermann on the club grounds of TSV Mannheim

Das neue TK Longsleeve

Das neue TK Longsleeve-Half-Zip „ MORGAN“ ist jetzt erhältlich...

The small Indoor Shooting from J.Moog

The 19-year-old Julian Moog, an enthusiastic hockey player and also a very talented photographer who shows an eye for detail. In one of his most recent works, he has....

TK Hockey Campaign 2019: The Elephants Are Back!

The launch of the TK 2019 collection marks an important milestone in our brand‘s 40 year history. Connecting the dots between past present and future, the elephants are going full circle and return to the back of a TK stick . While the shape and crossed trunks...

TK visits: Meet our #TeamTK members of the USA Field Hockey Squad

Check out our video, as we visited Ali Froede, Caitlin Van Sickle, Casey Umstead, Julia Young and Cat Caro, our #TeamTK members of the USA Field Hockey Squad....

TK Hockey goes Switzerland

We spent some time in Lausanne, Switzerland. Rocky warm-up runs in the scenic vineyards, stair jumps straight next to the lake and some fun Hockey action on the pitch with our players Elena, Fabio and...