Interview with... Benedikt Geyer

Club: Münchener Sport Club

Stick: TK 1 Plus Gold

Birthday: 11.06.2005

Instagram: bege_24msc


Hi Benedikt, thanks for taking your time for this interview!
First things first: congratiulations on winning the European championships! How did you experience the tournament and the time afterwards?

Das Turnier war etwas Besonderes. Letztes Jahr gab es so etwas Ähnliches nur war es keine offizielle Europameisterschaft. Durch den Namen hat das Turnier noch mehr Flair bekommen. Es waren viel mehr Zuschauer vor Ort und ich war auch ein bisschen nervöser vor den Spielen. Ich habe als Kapitän noch mehr Verantwortung gespürt und dass ich einer der älteren Spieler der Mannschaft bin, hat den Druck noch erhöht.

In der Nacht der Abschlussfeier musste ich um 1 Uhr morgens aufbrechen, um für eine Woche mit meiner Schule auf Klassenfahrt ins Segellager zu fahren. Das war dann aber gut, um runterzukommen.


Wie hat sich deine Hockeykarriere entwickelt?

I went to a try out session with a friend at MSC. My friend quit straight away because he kept falling over - but I just had so much fun. Up to this day I still play for the same club.

Through participating in disctric training and games for my state (Bavaria) I ended up joining the national set up.


How would you describe yourself as a player?

Funny that you ask! When we were preparing for the Euros we had to describe each other and write down the qualities of our teammates. My teammates often mentioned things as leadership and being able to motivate others. I think you could describe me as a "natural leader". Other than that I am a very offensive player, who enjoys taking charge of the game.


What does a typical training week look like?

I go to a school that has a high focus on sports. I have stick practice everyday from 8 till 10 on school days. This is added with a running or athletics session once a week with school, we train three times a week with the club and once a week with the national set up. Aside from this I have a personal trainer who creates a training schedule that enables me to reach my personal goals. 


How do you manage everything?

First of all I must say that everything I do is worth it! It takes a lot of discipline, especially with my personal trainer becuase he does not live in Munich and can only send me schedules. It takes a lot of support from my school and club who also look out for me and help me rest.


In the national team we have mainly seen you play as a striker, usually we see you play in midfield. What is your favorite position?

Usually I play in midfield for the national team as well. Since our last training camp in England I started playing as a striker. For my club I am more of an offensive midfielder. I feel confident and comfortable on this position, because it allows me to have more influence on the game.


What are your personal goals and goals with your club?

Next year its attack mode. It is for sure our aim to promote back to the 1st Bundesliga. We were very unlucky when we got relegated, but we want to be back next year. Personally I want to be involved in everything that deals with the national set up, and move towards the mens team. My ultimate goal is the olympics.


Why do you use TK? What makes us so unique for you?

I used to play with many different brands when I was younger. Since about the U14s I found my stick. The golden one (TK 1 + Gold) is my stick. Its nice and light, feels great and I can dribble really well with it. We had our state championships last week and despite having a new one I just had to use my old stick. It just feels right and I played it untill I had used the absolute maximum of it.


What do you wish from TK?

That our partnership continues to be this good!


What is your favorite type of holidays? More active or relaxed?

If I go on holiday - then definitely not so active. I like to do a bit of sport so that I don't lose my fitness. But it's also nice not to think about sport.


What is your favroite TV show?

Boah, I'm not a big TV show fan, at the moment I'm watching "Blacklist" which would currently be my favorite show.


Is there something you have dreamt of doing but you never dared to do it?

Nothing comes to mind, no.


Was würdest du gerne verändern in der Welt?

Ganz klassisch natürlich Frieden auf der Welt als wichtigsten Wunsch. Aber wir hatten das Thema Menschenrechte letztens im Sozialkunde-Unterricht. Wenn alle Länder diese mehr einhalten würden, wäre das schon mega. Einfach das Beste für jeden!

Where do we (hopefully) see you in 10 years?

Most definitely in the mens national team and preparing for the olympics. I don't know where I'll live then yet, that also depends on my studies. Aside fromt his I hope that I'll have made good progress with my study. 


Bene, thank you so much for this interview!


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