Customizing your goalie kit!

We have always had a special place in our hearts for goalkeepers. For years we have been developing our goalkeeping range, optimizing movement and safety.

To this day if you wonder around our office you can find different models from different generations. From bamboo to foam we have been involved in the full transition.

The foam material is a process where we bake and cool the material in a way that they get the shape and toughness that is needed for the highest standard. This of course is our secret recipe ?.

The foam material also allows us to integrate almost all logos in the material. Whenever you see a custom legguard or glove one thing is for sure it is not just a sticker on top but the logo has been pressed into the foam. This allows for a more durable design and overall it looks cooler! (at least in our opinion)

We have had many different custom designs as you can see in the pictures ranging from many countries or (club)logos. We are very proud that we can satisfy (almost) all wishes! This is all possible on our TK1 soft and compact legguards (all stock colours) and TK1 + and TK1 Glove (all stock colours). Logo not enough? Do you want different coloured straps? No problem! Talk to us about the available options.

Maybe a nice idea to make a sponsor happy? ?

If you’re interested in getting a design send us a message on !

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