The new TK textile range

New season – new textiles

Ahead of the new season TK Sports did not only produce a new stick range – we also completely redesigned our textile collection. We will introduce our new textiles and compare them to our old range to show exactly what we changed and improved. First up, hello Bern, Luzern, Sofia and Riga!

Bern and Luzern used to be known as Vincent and Noah are our male playing shirts, Sofia and riga are the new versions of Lara and Lena. So apart from cities rather than names, what are the differences?
First of all, from now on you will not see the letters TK on our clothes anymore. All of the new range can instantly be noticed through the elephants as our logo, the same logo also on our sticks.

This of course is only a small detail, the bigger differnce is the material. The new range is made from  a structure similar to a honeycomb. We have found this to be the best shape for a couple of reaosns. First of all, this shape can bend and be stretched in many different ways but still comes back to the original shape and always has a clean look. This means your jersey can get pulled by an opponent, you can get the free hit and still look good!

Second of all the material is light, it does not get heavy at all. Even when in a rainstorm or full of sweat the shirt stays light and takes all moisture away from the skin through the functional material. The material is similar to the previous generation; however the new structure allows this to funciton much better. We are proud to introduce Bern, Luzern, Sofia and Riga in the following colors: white, black, red, blue and green! Although if you are interested, custom options are also available, just drop us an email and we can go from there! Email:

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