TK 1 Plus Deluxe - Welcome to the future

TK 1 Plus Deluxe

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the next generation.

For years we have been working on developing the perfect hockey stick and thus revolutionising the game of hockey. Now it is done: The TK 1 Plus Deluxe is on the market. This TK stick is based on a completely new manufacturing process and offers an incomparable feel. For over a year, we worked together with selected hockey players on the (further) development of the stick. The players tested prototypes of the TK1 Plus Deluxe in their respective leagues and helped us with their feedback to give this unique stick the final and ultimate touch.


What is the secret of the TK1 Plus Deluxe?

The secret is a revolutionary, breakthrough manufacturing technology that redefines hockey stick construction: the "Polymeric CoreTech(nology)".

In contrast to the traditional production of a composite hockey stick with a two-chamber system, an exclusive polymer material (a.k.a. foam) is used here. This forms the structural core of the stick. Structural uniformity is the key to its phenomenal strength, allowing precise optimization in every area thanks to our meticulous lay-up plan and the controlled expansion of the polymeric core. This is what makes the difference - incomparable power combined with a unique feel.


What sets it apart?

Prepare to be amazed as the CoreTECH effortlessly dampens sound and vibrations, creating an out-of-this-world feel, and a unique sound unlike any other composite stick. The "Polymeric CoreTech" system dampens any vibrations and creates a unique feel.

Due to the foamed cavities, the stick offers maximum power when hitting and scrubbing.

The future has arrived, and it's here to change the game forever. Embrace the next generation - the TK 1 Plus Deluxe, where the very essence of a hockey stick is redefined. Are you ready to be part of the future and take your game to new levels?


Feel it.
Touch it.


Editor's note: The international official match balls also have no cavity, but are filled with cork for a better feel.




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