TK Sports welcomes new players Jacek and Gracjan

TK Sports is happy to welcome two national players from Poland, Jacek Kurowski and Gracjan Jarzyński, to the TK Sports family. Jacek plays for TSV Mannheim and Gracjan for DTV Hannover.

Jacek's journey into field hockey is a story of family influence and passion. Inspired by his father and older brother, both hockey enthusiasts, Jacek ventured into the sport at a young age. His initial curiosity turned into a deep-rooted love for the game, leading him to choose field hockey as an important part of his life. When discussing his partnership with TK Sports, Jacek highlighted the brand's historical significance in hockey and his personal connection to the game since childhood. He sees this collaboration as a return to his roots and an opportunity to align his ambitions with a brand known for supporting exceptional athletes.

On the other hand, Gracjan's introduction to field hockey came through a classmate's invitation to a training session, which marked the beginning of a lifelong passion. His positive experience with TK Sports equipment and apparel played a key role in his decision to partner with the brand. Gracjan's athletic goals revolve around continuous improvement, competing at the highest level and participating in the Olympics Games with his Polish team. He sees TK Sports as a partner that not only supports his personal growth, but also inspires him to promote the sport to both newcomers and experienced enthusiasts.

TK Sports is looking forward to supporting both athletes on a national and international level and to celebrating further successes together.



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